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  • I’ve had a spiritual awakening…..now what?

    So, you have had a spiritual awakening? Feel bat shit crazy? And cannot relate to the humans on earth. I feel you. When I first had my awakening, I felt more connected to the trees and stars outside than to my own mother. The people around me had no idea the things I was experiencing. It can become overwhelming and very lonely at times. So, now what? You start to…

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  • Bipolar to blessed. The prequel to my life.

    I was very ready to leave Earth. I was screaming inside, pleading for help. I was wet with sweat, I hadn’t left my bed in days. What day is it? “Please take me. I can’t do this anymore.” I begged for help as I wept. “Please, please help me! I can’t stay here anymore I can’t do it!” I remember crying it out loud.  In a bid to get through…

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