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When I first had my spiritual awakening I didn’t know where to turn. I was connecting with the cosmos, nature and other non earthly beings. Now I am here to help others with the same path because it can be hella confusing and isolating.

Wild Wandering Warrior is all about bettering our lives. Whether it be spiritual development, trauma work, or even just self-love. Prioritizing healing the mind-body and soul. We specialize in ancestral healing and breaking cycles within family lines, self love, and mental health. We love to help people step into their spiritual powers and access their full soul gifts and connecting to their spirit guides.

We offer support and healing services to empower you through the process of awakening. Activating intuitive beings to their next spiritual level with Goddess Isis Ka Activations. Including: Reiki healing, Chakra and Aura cleansing and Oracle readings. Along with guidance from your spirit guides and ancestors with our Intuitive Guided healing sessions. If you need help letting things go and moving to the next level in your life we work on releasing the old and welcoming the new.

There is a mass spiritual awakening happening at this time. If this sounds like you, and you feel the need to makeover your whole life. If you need some help with all the crazy experiences you’re having. I got you! We are more magic than we are taught to believe.

Lets help each other while we come online with our psychic senses. By getting in touch with our spirit guides and ancestors life just got so much easier. I am here to help anyone coming into their spiritual power!

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