How to cleanse the home need edit

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Sometimes we have negative energy in our space. Once you notice this & want to set a more peaceful atmosphere. Cleansing and purifying your home and yourselves can help to create a paradise feel. It can be completed within 10 minutes and will leave you feeling free by releasing the stagnant energy.

Your house is where you reset and renew your batteries. Having a place of sanctuary is very important for the mental well-being. There needs to always be a place for you to balance out and recharge. Your home is your safe haven.

person holding brown wooden stick
person holding brown wooden stick

The best way to start would be by cleaning and decluttering your space. Nothing will renew stagnant energy like rearranging your furniture and playing around with the dynamic of your house. Change your sheets do a deep clean light some candles. Don’t get overwhelmed just do one task at a time. Room by room.  

Start by getting rid of things that you no longer use and are just taking up room. The massive pile of clothes or that junk drawer. Its time to move it on. Thank the item and give it to charity. How can you grow if you keep everything you had from a child? Marie Kondo style does it light you up?

Now I totally get not everyone has their own space and sometimes we have to share. My advice would just be do the areas that you are in most. Hopefully the family will join in. If you only have a bed make it your relaxation zone.

TIPS- keep the windows and doors opens to let out energy

I started by getting rid of most technology out of my bedroom and tried to do up my room so when I walked in, I felt completely relaxed. I bought some art and new sheets some candles and made it a real Eden.

The less things I have around the easier I find it to concentrate.

Even If you only have time for a quick cleanse, it’s a good way to shake up the vibe of the house. I’d even do this after a fight with a boyfriend or an emotional day just for a reset. I’d start by lighting my favourite incense or sage, taking three deep breaths and grounding into the moment. Waving the smoke around your body to remove any heaviness in your aura.

BTW: there is no wrong way to do this…. It’s all about intentions on what you want and giving thanks for what you have already received. What do you want to welcome? Healing, peace even fertility? as with most magic you could even call on your favourite archangel or deity to help you bless the home.

Below are some examples of things I would say around the home. I walk around the home and make the smoke into love heart motions repeating “thank you for blessing this home and this space. I release any spirit or energy that no longer serves me

Front door: smoke the door and say:

               “Bless this space with safety. Protect this home. I thank this home for all the security and comfort it provides for me. Anyone that walks through this door way will be protected from harm.

Bathroom: “bless our digestion, our skin our teeth welcoming health and happiness into our bodies”

Bedroom: “I thank this space for giving me good nights sleep every night. I bless this space with peace, love healing and wellbeing”

Kitchen: “please bless this space including all our food and water. I am thankful for the food that nurtures myself and send gratitude for all that nourishes my body.

Loungeroom : ” I thank this space for bringing together connection and love. For providing a safe place to relax. I welcome restoration and great communication in this area”

Play around with what feels good for you and your family. I like to cleanse the animals while I’m going and put assorted crystals around the house. Some for good vibes some to dispel negativity some to bring in happiness and health.  Light some candles and relax,

Sound bath


Incense sage whatever is better for you

Rearranging furniture


Enjoy the good vibes and relax in your area. Recommended monthly or when neededAfter u clean and declutter I go around the house with insecne and set intentions for each room. Things I want to welcome into that space that relates to that room.I like to also set it up so when I walk through a door way I will be recharged. Setting the intention that everytime I was into this room any other peoples energy will release from my aura and fresh start. To clear and uplift andyone that walks through them

Bathroom ill ask for good health and skin and healthy gut and for the area to bring great happiness within my body and health system.

Kitchen – I welcome love and light into this room . I ask all the food that be prepared here be nourishing for my body and made with love.

I will also go around and check there are no entities or ghosties around release them and do healing with them if needed.

A lot of it is intention welcoming in peace and safety connection happy bibes . bad energy can stay stagnant this is a way of moving it on and welcoming good vibes. Sending it on back to the universe to transmit