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Wild Wandering Warrior

I am Jordan Sheen, I am an ascension coach, energy healer, A Goddess Isis priestess Starseed lightworker. Im a wild child at heart. I offer people healings, Activations and personal psychic readings, as well as spiritual development tips and tricks.

After having a spontaneous kundalini awakening, meeting my spirit guides and connecting with spirit. I am here to provide assistance and guidance to those who identify as awakening starseeds, lightworkers, and healers of the next generation. My specialization lies in facilitating activations that allow you to bring forth more of your spiritual abilities and integrate them into your physical body.

Whether through oracle readings, energy healing, or spiritual advice, I aim to support you on your spiritual journey.

I want to empower you to trust your own abilities, connect with your spirit guides and other elements also to give you the tools to practice your psychic abilities while our senses come online,

-Cosmic Goddess.

Here's what our customers say


I had a healing last night, it was purely amazing my gran came to me for the first time since she died, i feel absolutely amazing it feels like i have let so much go and released a lot. I am so grateful and thankful. I recommend highly!!!"

- Carlie Armstrong

”I am so greaftul that i found more strenght to ask spirit for help as it guided me right to Jordan. She is such a beautiful, kind, compassionate and powerful soul. She allowed me to release a lot of heavy energy that was holding me down without judgement.

She is very connected to the spirits as she delivered my messages so clear and wonderfully. It hit my soul. I am able to step more into my power and continue to use my voice as she has guided me on this journey. I am thankful for Jordan and her beautiful energy. She is a safe person and I would highly recommend her for any psychic reading or reiki session.

- Hannah Mary

I had my first reading with Jordan today and found it, and her, truly insightful and enlightening. The information she shared with me was truly relatable. The session flowed with so much information for my development and she helped by acknowledging things I wasn’t sure of, or the path I, myself, wasn’t sure of. I have come away with a very positive feeling, and I bit of homework. I highly recommend Jordan and look forward to seeing her again. Always 💜"

- Joanne King

My reading and healings with Jordan have always been amazing. Her connection with Spirit leaves me in awe. Card readings are always on point, always able to connect with my guides. After one reiki healing my intense monthly period pain was a fraction of what it used to be. I cannot wait to book in another session ♡

- Coll O'neill

Thank you for a welcoming and inspiring process. I feel inspired to integrate the things we discussed and also allow the further activation of my own purpose. You're a warm and uplifting presence that I'm grateful to work with. All the best until next time.


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