Intuitively guided healing sessions:

Focusing on ancestral patterning and getting to the core of a wound. Guidance and counselling from your guides, crystal chakra healing. energy healing, oracle cards, pendulum, sound therapy, mediumship and Reiki are used among other things within the session. Firstly, by giving yourself permission to relax and let your guides show us what to work on for the day. I am the facilitator, but we let Spirit take over and do the gritty work for us. (Each session varies)

Along with empowering you to be able to use your own gifts and talents to proceed on your spiritual journey. I am able to pick up on blockages in your energy centers, mind and body. We work at clearing these blockages in order for you to live your best life. Self-sabotage is out self-care is in. Book in today. We are located in Singleton on Mondays and Earth and Elm Dungog on Wednesdays.

Book in today. Gift cards and Afterpay available.