I’ve had a spiritual awakening…..now what?

So, you have had a spiritual awakening? Feel bat shit crazy? And cannot relate to the humans on earth. I feel you. When I first had my awakening, I felt more connected to the trees and stars outside than to my own mother. The people around me had no idea the things I was experiencing. It can become overwhelming and very lonely at times.

So, now what?

You start to question yourself in so many ways. Is this real?  Why are there so many synchronicities?  No wonder so many people end up in psychiatric units. Back in the day if someone started hearing voices, you would go visit the local shaman and get some training with it. Now we are taught that you are having a psychotic episode. Doesn’t really leave much room for the intuitives of the world.

I am so very lucky to have the supportive family that I do and a long relationship with mental health, so I was able to tell the difference. I felt very alone on my journey and want to help others not feel so confused.

Most star seeds/lightworkers have this overwhelming homesick feeling, a feeling of not belonging. Where we come from the energy is much purer than the earth, hence the reason we struggle to accept the way things are and tend to be diagnosed with some sort of mental illness. You will notice lots of children being diagnosed because there is an influx of star seeds incarnating at this time.

You are just special and here for a reason! You’re not broken you’re just here to usher in a new way of living.

Here are just few signs to look out for that your spiritual senses are opening. I’m sure everyone is different but take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

The most notable things that I found were all the butterflies and dragonflies that started surrounding me and all the angel numbers everywhere 1010, 1212,1414.

Other things to look out for:

  • Eyesight change (this was huge for me) The way I viewed light and the world completely changed, a veil was lifted.
  • Ringing ears.
  • More animals and insects hanging around and not fleeing from you.
  • Lights and colour flashing internally and externally.
  • Body changes, lack of appetite, wanting less meat, and a more liquid diet.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Repeating synchronicities, 1111,2121,1717 seeing numbers and things over and over.
  • An interest in out-there things (aliens, science, meta psychics, ancient texts, conspiracies).
  • Self-awareness of patterns in life.
  • The understanding that we are connected, karma.
  • Disconnecting from people, things, and patterns you have outgrown, needing more time alone.
  • An understanding or need to know why you are here and soul mission.
  • Senses become very strong and sensitive. (My hearing amplified I couldn’t sit near a clock or id lose it).
  • Reading/seeing aura light and colour.
  • Vibrating feeling within your body and hands.
  • Having memories/ déjà vu.
  • Interest in religious texts.
  • Sacred geometry.
  • The overwhelming need to help others.
  • Electrical glitches with technology.
  • Wanting to overthrow and rearrange your whole life.
  • Questioning your morals, society, history, your values and patterns come into your self-awareness.

So now what? Where to start? My advice is to try a bit of everything and see what you love. People put so many rules and regulations around this work. It’s all a bit of bullshit really. As long as your intentions are good-hearted then it’s okay to try. You don’t need someone to gift you your deck of cards to be able to use them. You could even use a teabag for a pendulum. Drop the ego and have some fun. I find a lot of the abilities that you already have, you will be drawn to.

I found doing just 5 minutes of soul/awareness work a day was to enough shift some energy and start things changing in my world. Of course, I got consumed and completely made over everything in my life.

It can make you feel a little mental, so I highly recommend joining a local spiritual development class to meet like-minded people that are on the spiritual path. There are some ways to ease the process so it can be a little less uncomfortable. I would find a mentor or a spiritual group that you can connect with who are on a similar journey, it will help with feeling less isolated.

All of a sudden, I had these different abilities that I just couldn’t explain. Sometimes they all turn on at once, if this happens try to shut down your third eye if it becomes overwhelming. Other times you may need to practice more to bring them in. These are abilities we have perfected in other lives so most of it is just remembering your gifts. Some abilities that may come into your awareness may be:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Telepathy
  • Astral Travel
  • Dream travel
  • Singing light language or in tongues
  • Past life knowledge and awareness
  • Feeling more empathy and more in touch with feelings (could become overwhelming)
  • Prophecy
  • Healing others with universal energy
  • Understanding the connection between all things and karma
  • Channelling spirit
  • Ability to read auras
  • Connecting with your higher self or spirit guides
  • Connecting and communicating with ancestors and ghosts
  • Seeing orbs or spirit
  • Mediumship or channelling with spirit helping them cross over
  • Psychic surgery
  • Psychometry
  • Communication with deities, goddesses, angels, elementals, aliens
  • Understanding of death and life after death
  • Connection and communication with elements and nature increase
  • Clair senses increase
  • Having ascended masters/angels/ spirit guides come into your life

I remember when I first started with this work, I was researching like crazy as the downloads were coming in and found a website that had lots of spiritual knowledge on it and as a gift, they would send you a copy of your true spiritual name. As I was new at this work, I ate it up. They told you to sit in meditation, quietening your mind, and to ask your higher self-permission to proceed. I sat with my legs folded on a lounge for at least twenty minutes, at the time was a huge deal to even be sitting still. I was concentrating so hard and kept having the intention of asking for access to my soul knowledge. I sat quietly waiting. Until finally I heard a laugh and a voice talking in almost disbelief. Saying “I can’t believe she is asking permission right now”. I felt some sort of embarrassment and shock as to who was saying this and why wouldn’t I ask permission.

I highly recommend getting healings done during the process of DNA being upgraded. It’s a lot to process on your own. Journaling also helped me so much in regards to understanding what was happening to me and being able to document and read back on how far id come. Even if a message doesn’t make sense at this stage, it could at a later date. This is all about practice and intention, the more you open yourself up to leveling up and learning the more things will open for you. You will see more and more signs that will show you’re on the right track.

Things you might need to do to support your body, mind, and soul and improve your abilities. Helping through the ascension symptoms and to open your antenna.

  • Getting to know yourself, your body, and your values (do you really know what you enjoy, who you are, and what you stand for) (sometimes we pick up others’ values as our own)
  • Moving and appreciating the body (no more self-hate talk) (your soul is listening)
  • Meditation (slowing down helps you strengthen your abilities. Highly recommend guided meditations on YouTube)
  • Hydrate, moisturize, and drinks lots of water (you may notice you feel like a lighter even liquid diet, less meat, listen)
  • Working on patterns in your timeline. (I find working on my timeline helped me figure out our trauma points.)
  • Crystals (can help with ease of symptoms)
  • Be in nature more
  • Less processed foods (I started becoming allergic to things that weren’t sitting well with me.) (If you can’t tell how it got to your plate it’s probably very processed.)
  • More exercise or movement
  • Alcohol and drugs are a blocker for this work and it will help to be sober for a clear message without distortion (just work on dropping one crutch at a time. It’s still doable)
  • Grounding
  • Listening to your own needs and desires daily listen to what your body wants
  • More rest
  • Removing yourself from negativity and negative people
  • Stop watching the news or things that bring you down
  • Self-care baths
  • Join like-minded groups
  • Less poisonous chemicals
  • Relaxation
  • Art
  • Playing more
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude
  • Counselling with someone spiritually open
  • Loving on self SELFCARE SELF LOVE BABY
  • cleaning the earth
  • less technology
  • cleansing and decluttering home

Here is a list of things that I tried and loved along with some alternates see what you are drawn to and give some a go and see what you like. There are so many options on YouTube to get you started for free. If you are wanting to strengthen your abilities but have no idea where to start, I would recommend starting with the below listed. I like to dabble in a bit of everything to get started as it gives you base knowledge and will help you find the tools that work best for you. The things listed are only suggestions to give you some ideas on what to start researching. Always trust your instincts, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Don’t buy into everything you read, trust your gut feelings and that your guides will feed you the right information.) It could even lead to a new career or mission you may be called to.

Here are some things you could try may be:

  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Studying healing
  • Tarot/oracle cards
  • Working with nature and spirit animals
  • Moon rituals
  • Crystals/ crystal grids
  • Manifestation work – vision boards
  • Reading spiritual books
  • Shadow work/ego work-family patterns unlearning behaviours
  • Timeline of your life
  • Pendulum work
  • Automatic writing
  • Knowing the Clair senses
  • Journaling – automatic writing
  • Learning about chakras
  • Astronomy
  • Astrology
  • kinesiology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Keeping a dream journal (dreaming can often have messages and soul work that are worth taking note of)
  • Counselling
  • Dancing and singing playing instruments (getting into play mode is the best way to get activated.
  • Grounding and being outside having a nature connection
  • Meditation
  • Looking into history, Egyptian healing e.g.
  • Finding out who you are, what are your beliefs and morals (not the ones you have been told)
  • Gratitude work
  • Tai chi
  • Working with different deities/gods/goddesses.
  • Palmistry
  • Art, painting, drawing
  • herbology
  • The list goes on and on and on

There are so many things you can try to see what you like. I find our abilities strengthen the more we play with them. The less pressure we put on ourselves the better. It’s more about chasing things that light up your soul. Following your intuition. My hope is that list has helped you have some sort of understanding and validation of the weird things that may be happening, you’re not crazy. Just keep practicing, your gifts are needed

I constantly have to remind myself to get back to the basics. If you find certain information that seems distorted or you can’t access, I’d suggest working on your basic health and happiness and then coming back to it. You might not be ready for that information yet.

Some tips

-Be prepared to uncreate and relearn. Be prepared to be wrong and to be patient not everything will come to you at once there isn’t one right way to do anything. I remember learning something thinking it was absolute gospel and then realizing I had outgrown that level of perception it’s okay to do that, we are here to do this together.

-Don’t try to awaken other people, do you! and the rest will fall into place. You will sound nuts so find your tribe.

You do not need to be completely healed to help heal others. You are worthy you are needed. We chose to be here at this time. Welcome to the great awakening baby.

Just invest 5 minutes a day, and your soul will be forever grateful.  Be open and let your Spirit team guide you in the right directions. Just surrender.

I’d love to hear from everyone and their experiences I hope this helped some people.

Wild wandering Warrior. xox

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