The first time I met one of my spirit guides.


A name was imprinted in my mind. I knew I had to write it down.D’Shandra”. I wouldn’t find out until weeks later who the name belonged to. She was prepping me for our meeting.

I was standing outside, hanging the washing on the clothesline. For a few weeks, I had been witnessing mass amounts of jets coming over the house. I lived near the State Capital. The activity was unusual.

There was something strange happening in the skies. I remember taking pictures and videos at the time. Watched several jets flying above with their streams following. They seemed to be chasing something that day. I ended up seeing something else. Within a 30-second time frame, there was a cloud that formed out of absolute nowhere, turned into three perfect dots then disappeared all within 30 seconds. I was amazed and in awe. Over the next few days, I was sure I had seen something incredible.

I wasn’t sure at the time what I had seen but I had a new understanding that came to my mind that aliens are divine and not something to be feared, and not like how I had imagined at all.

This was early on for me in my spiritual journey, I hadn’t put many of the pieces together yet. I had been having so many mystical things happen to me and It was confusing. I wasn’t coping with the downloads. Was I crazy? I needed help; I needed a break. I sought out a local healer to ease my mind and body with the awakening process. I had so many questions and I knew western medicine wasn’t what I needed anymore.

The following week I had an appointment with an experienced psychic as I was in desperate need of healing, my body and soul were aching and confused with all the new information. I needed guidance from someone that could explain what was happening to me.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I was at the right place, her room was covered in statues, of the Goddess Isis. I had repeatedly been seeing her symbols over the last few weeks. I asked the healer about it, she said she changes the statues with each session and she felt the Goddess’s energy for me. So many synchronicities. This made total sense to me.

She could see my guides around me. That was reassuring. She went around my body and sang to me. This was my first real introduction to the light language. Sending healing vibes into my body. I could feel the calmness surrounding me. I could breathe for a second. I instinctively knew where to put my hands during the session.

She held her hands over my body, recharging my energy with universal love. She told me there was more work to be done together, as there was darkness around my stomach area. (I had stomach issues for a while so that came as no surprise to me). She concluded that when I came back, she would get her guides to do some energetic surgery on me.

I couldn’t really comprehend what she was saying, still very curious as to what was happening to me. Knowing I wasn’t alone really helped me. I had felt quite alone for a while with all these spiritual experiences. I needed to be around like-minded people. I couldn’t share these details with my friends and family, how would they react. She gave me some things to research, but I knew, this was a journey I had to go through alone for the most part, or at least initially.

She gave me a book on crystals and helped me understand lots of little messages I had been receiving. I absorbed all the information and went home feeling a little more put together. Thank God someone had some answers for me.

When I got home, I started reading through the book about crystals that I had just received. Flicking through the pages, I started by reading about a meditation that I was drawn to in the book. I didn’t hesitate and thought I would give it a try. This meditation was one where you are in an amazing forest, a beautiful scene full of butterflies and nature. In the bush, you see a big open tree trunk, one that you can climb inside. There are steps inside, with each step you take you are closer to your spiritual team. Every step would induce a feeling of being overwhelmed with light. Then you meet your spirit guide or whomever you are meant to meet that day.

For the first time, before I meditated, I turned off my computer and any electrical devices, I had never done this before it was very out of character but it was almost instinct. It was strange but I didn’t think too deeply about it at the time.

I laid down in the middle of the room on the carpet and started to read the book.

I got into a deep trance state (my body just knew what to do) and closed my eyes imagining myself doing the things I read in the book.

I started by deep breathing. Deep breathe in and out, in and out. Slowing down my heart rate. Imagining in my mind’s eye as I was laying on the floor in my study, that I was in a beautiful forest. Flowers everywhere, birds singing, such detail. It felt like my thoughts had a mind of their own. I continued through the forest until I was standing near the tree trunk. It was beautiful, covered in moss and mushrooms. I felt magical as I peered in and continued to climb down the tree trunk, deep breathing as I went. I felt my body lock into position and was at complete peace. Each step brang me deeper into a trance state and utter calmness.

As soon as I got down the tree trunk, I felt I was in a different place. I remember thinking I couldn’t feel the carpet under my back anymore it felt more like a hard metal supporting and holding my body.

I could feel my back laying on a cold metal bed. I was confused. So, I opened my eyes. “Okay I’m back in my room I’m safe”. I thought to myself. I shut my eyes again. I was back in the cold sterile room, I looked around, it was in a foreign place. Eyes shut and eyes open had different realities. It was like I was in two different places at once with great ease. This is new.

There were three beings in the room. I say beings because they weren’t human. I was aware that I was still on my study floor but in my mind’s eye, I was in a ship laying on a hard bed. I couldn’t move but I wasn’t scared. Everything seemed cold and plastic. Nothing hanging on the walls. It looked like a sterile area that wasn’t lived in, with no decorations nothing to indicate who these beings were. I was on a ship and It was bare.

There were two of them standing over my body near my stomach and one by my head.

The being by my head was reassuring me, I couldn’t see her face as she kept it covered.Her face was blurry I couldn’t see her entirety. I know she shielded herself because she didn’t want to scare me.

The being by my face had a larger head with a small body, thin arms, and long fingers with huge eyes. What I would typically think of as an alien but with different colourings and markings. It was like my eyes couldn’t focus properly on her; it was almost like her face was blurred like on tv if its inappropriate footage. I knew she did it because I would have been scared of what I saw. I just knew. She was communicating with me but not with words. She wasn’t the same as the ones standing over my stomach. She was gentle and loving; the others were more robotic very droid like with no emotion. They didn’t feel like they had personalities more like robots. The ones by the stomach were just there to complete a job.

I knew they were doing something to my stomach I felt a pressure within my belly button but no pain, I couldn’t look down but I could see them. My body felt restrained but more in a way that it just wasn’t awake or functioning. No force or malicious intent, just limp without control. I remember waiting for it to be finished but not being scared either. On a soul level, I knew I was safe somehow; I could open my eyes and leave at any time but I didn’t want to. I was meant to be here for this.

I could feel the energy straight through my belly button through my solar chakra.

I had always had a pain behind my belly button and my stomach was always quite sensitive to touch. I had a voice message insert itself into my head, they communicated through telepathy. Saying I would get my period soon. I hadn’t had my period regularly or naturally for well over 5 years. As a result of polycystic ovary syndrome. At the time I was thinking okay I’ve finally lost my mind and I didn’t have the balls to tell anyone for months but sure enough, I got my period the next day. The energetic healing was complete.

They were finished, the pressure over me loosened and I stood up.

The soothing being couldn’t contain herself any longer and gave me a huge hug around the neck. “Finally, you are here” so much love. I remember pulling away like “umm who are you”. A case of mistaken identity? And why are you touching me ha-ha?  I knew she was kind and she had my best intentions at heart.

She was overly familiar with me and it was a bit shocking. I felt a bit ambushed like meeting an aunty who knew you as a child but you have no idea who they are. She was so happy id made it and was happy to see me again. I was so confused as to what our relationship was but I knew she loved me.

I never felt fear.  It was covered in love. I remember pulling away slightly awkwardly not knowing how to behave who was this being to me? As I thought about it a name also imprinted in my mind. D’shandra.  

We had been having a connection and communication for a while and I was so happy I could figure out with who I had been having these internal conversations with. Even if she had more of an understanding of me than I did of her.

Then I opened my eyes and got on with my day.

She later communicated to me that; She is my friend and galactic guide and is helping me wake up to my full-dimensional self in order to help others. She isn’t all-knowing, but I trust her just like my friends on earth. We signed up to help each other

I had to learn that I couldn’t just pull and tug on her energy all the time. It wasn’t fair. She had other things to do than just talk to me all day. I had to learn this with all my guides. To build a relationship and not just expect them to save me and give me all the answers. Constantly asking for more signs like what I had wasn’t enough. I had to believe. Sit down and be humble.

I knew D’shandra came here to help activate me and I hope my story can give ease when others are having otherworldly experiences. She now also helps me facilitate healings on other humans to release old trauma along with other guides.

Since then, I have met lots more of my spirit friends, and trust me when I say they come in all shapes and sizes and communicate in lots of different ways. (We will get into another time)

My life has completely changed since all these things have happened to me losing over 25 kilos.  No more stomach issues since, regular periods and my life is only getting better by the day. My mental health and spiritual senses have improved. It helped me to write down all my experiences and not talk to non-magic folk for a while until I figured it all out. Join like-minded groups and connect with those who understand. I’m here if you need me. Hope this helps people not feel alone.

You got this.


The reason that spirit and our guides aren’t here in our day-to-day lives is that we need to raise our vibration to be able to meet them. If they just became visible really how would everyone react? Their purity would overwhelm us, we have too many unresolved issues in our everyday lives. We are too tense and busy to be able to connect. Some people have this natural ability others need to practice. Most Aliens, Angels, and spirit guides all are available in a place that Is beyond our frequency. All you have to do is slow down and start an open communication with them. Ask for signs and pray to them. They are waiting.

Cosmic Warrior

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