Is someone communicating with you from the other side?

One of my first experiences communicating with the other side was quite a few years ago. My childhood friend passed away in a car accident and I was devastated. I went to the site where she passed away to speak with her.

I said aloud “Please let me know you are safe and that you are okay. I love you”. I was standing next to her cross, on the side of the road. While I was speaking, I was rubbing a butterfly pendant that was positioned on the shrine. Later that day I went for a walk in the bush. I was surrounded by thousands of butterflies, dancing around me I was so amazed and overwhelmed by the beauty. I had never seen so many in one place. I knew it was her. She had let me know she was okay, I was so grateful. I had no doubt.

There are so many ways that spirit can get in touch. It’s just a matter of believing. The magic is all around, people tend to dismiss things as coincidence. Now, all we have to do is pay attention and let the fun begin.

1111, 2222,1313 Have you been seeing repeating numbers and strange synchronicity? Having lights flash or shadows appear in the corner of your eye but when you look you see nothing? Do electrical items seem to just turn off or break around you? Are you hearing your name called or footsteps in your home? but no one is there? You’re not alone. You’re not crazy this could be someone in the spirit realm saying hello.

More of us are awakening to the fact, that we can communicate with the other side and It’s only going to get easier the more we practice. The veil is thinning between earth and the higher realms. It’s not like all of a sudden Spirit has turned up on earth. They have always been here it’s just now our antennas can pick up the data. These are signs that your spiritual senses are opening and that your loved ones or spirit guides may be paying a visit. The more you notice and pay attention the more the signs will come. Think of how much our human ears and eyes cannot tune into. There is a whole world of energy out there that we aren’t tapping into. A dog whistle for example. We know the dog has heard the whistle even if our human ears cannot pick it up. What else are we not picking up on?

Lucky we can train our clairsences to pick up more and more of this universal energy.

Some examples that your spiritual senses are opening or your loved one or spirit guides are trying to get your attention, or letting you know you’re on the right track and showing support may be:

  • being surrounded by butterflies, dragonflies and insects in general.
  • having weird experiences with animals in the wild. When they aren’t startled by you and seem domesticated or repeatedly keep seeing the same kind of animal that is out of the ordinary.
  • flashes of light internally or externally.
  • hearing certain songs or messages on the radio/tv or in head that seem relevant to you. (I will always hear my friend’s funeral song and know she is around).
  • shadows moving.
  • rapid temperature change.
  • hearing your name being called and no one is there. (i used to wake up to the sound of my pop calling out).
  • vivid dreams, they may visit (May seem more like a message and you tend to remember them more).
  • conversations in head with third party.
  • feeling of someone touching you and no one is there.
  • feelings of deja-vu/synchronizations 1111,444, 2323, 888. Repeating numbers.
  • electricity/technology glitches.
  • through sound (ringing ears, voices, humming).
  • feathers appearing on your path that wouldn’t normally be there.
  • through smells that are associated with them (my sister sends the smell of vicks vapor rub).
  • messages/pictures signs and symbols in the clouds or through nature or in day to day life.
  • seeing faces/images/memories in things or pop up in your mind’s eye.
  • feeling energy, emotions, (trust your gut),
  • you may feel your being guided or protected or just extra lucky

Figuring out who or what is communicating with you may take a bit more skill but practicing, Playing, and paying attention to the signs, even just researching new things, can bring on more and more. It’s quite exciting. If you ever feel you want your privacy and would prefer for them to get out. Just tell them to come back later or not at all, whatever suits you. Boundaries are always okay and necessary.

Disclaimer: if your anything like me when you first realize, you think everything is a sign from spirit. Don’t overthink it too much. Writing down my experiences helped validate and ease my mind through the process. Sometimes a feather is just a feather. Don’t be like me and just constantly ask for more signs or advice on the same matter. They don’t like that. They have better things to do. The more you practice the more you can have direct contact with them. I now communicate with my friend all the time and she shows up to support me when I’m having a rough time.If you wouldn’t go to jimmy about money advice when he was alive, you probably wouldn’t once he passes over.

I hope this helps validate some experiences for people. There are lots of ways to deepen your connections that I’ll get into another time but for now, keep an eye out for the signs.

Yours truly, Cosmic Warrior.

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